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Loyalty Points

Welcome to the Paramount Bingo Loyalty Points program where we reward our loyal players for playing our bingo and side games with valuable Loyalty Points.

The Loyalty Points are accumulated every time you wager on any game at Paramount Bingo and then can be converted into Playable Bonuses.

Loyalty Points are updated every 24 hours and you can log into your account in order to view your points balance.

How do I earn Loyalty Points?

Loyalty Points are earned every time you wager cash on each of our games. View complete breakdown here.

How can I view my Loyalty Points balance?

You can view your points balance by simply logging into your Paramount Bingo members account.

How often do my points get updated?

Loyalty Points are update once every 24 hours.

Will my Loyalty Points ever expire?

No! Your Loyalty Points have no expiration date.

How do I redeem my Loyalty Points for Playable Bonuses?

1. Login to your account by clicking on Cashier and then on the Loyalty Points button.
2. You can start converting your Loyalty Points into playable bonuses after you have accumulated 1000 points.
3. Type the number of points you would like to convert and click on the CONVERT NOW button.
4. The points you have converted will be displayed as bonus in your credits automatically.

How many Loyalty Points do I need to redeem to receive the playable bonuses?

You will need a minimum of 1000 Loyalty Points before you can start redeeming your points to playable bonuses.
You will receive 10 playable bonuses for every 1000 Loyalty Points that you convert.

How often can I redeem my Loyalty Points?

Loyalty Points can be redeemed as often as you want. Please make sure you have earned at least 1000 points before attempting to convert them.

How long will it take to receive the playable bonuses?

Once you have finished converting your points, they will appear automatically under bonus into your bingo account.

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